Business Development Service

Win new business through direct sales and channel development. Use our cutting-edge sales resource to advocate your proposition and win new clients.

ITAdvocate will help you:

  • Understand how the commercial, political and legislative environment shapes your market
  • Spot opportunity
  • Develop early engagement
  • Understand prospects’ drivers and challenges
  • Build trust rapidly
  • Secure quick wins to build incumbency advantage
  • Maximise the customer impact of early wins and publicise shared success
  • Transform structured tender approach and process
  • Transform tender submissions through compelling narrative. Map your offering to key customer drivers.
  • Construct optimal cost models and value engineer to hit price points without losing compliance and effectiveness. Hit the right balance of cost and value. Use innovation to leapfrog your competitors. Don’t reduce margin – innovate!
  • Successful presentation planning, construction, and delivery
    • Win hearts and minds from the moment you enter the room
    • Tell your story powerfully
    • Demonstrate comprehensive understanding of your prospects’ mission, situation, challenges and culture
  • Using Q&A to model working partnership culture and project your values and conviction
  • Successful ‘negotiation’ during clarification

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